Whether it is an industrial facility, a shopping mall, a residential facility, a hospital or any other property, it is important that the facility works flawlessly according to its purpose, is attractive to users, safe and retains its value.

We perform work on the basis of contractually agreed obligations, such as types of services, availability, response time, quality of service, etc. Depending on the type of facility and the requirements of our customers. We take on all the work that your company does not primarily deal with.

Services and works are performed in accordance with Slovenian legislation.
We carry out the work on the basis of a specific work and financial plan. We report on the work performed regularly and in the agreed manner.

In accordance with the maintenance plan, we give the owner suggestions on the types of work needed in the future and their financial frameworks.

Some advantages of
of properties their and maintenance:

planned and transparent management and maintenance,
do not need your own people with knowledge of management and maintenance (reduction of labor costs and labor resources), 
fully controlled management and maintenance costs.


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